Our Professionals

Nautix professionals are distinguished by their commitment, experience, expertise and personality. This results in high quality work, fewer changes and less additional costs.


Nautix works with various nationalities from all over the world. Nautix also works with experienced and excellent professionals from Indonesia. Many family businesses and shipping companies see an advantage in Asian professionals. Asian seafarers stays on board longer than their Asian counterparts, which guarantees continuity. In addition, they are known as hard workers and thanks to their friendly and social character, they make an important contribution to the ‘feeling of family’ on board. Since it can be used in various shipping schedules, it provides a lot of flexibility for the entrepreneur. Asian staff has the same rights and obligations as Dutch/European professionals and also work under the same working conditions. Deployment of Asian professionals on inland shipping means continuity, flexibility and quality for shipping employers and excellent working conditions for Asian colleagues. We take care of the whole proces for you: not only the formal part but also the logistics and accommodation For example Seafarers are picked up from the airport, given visas and service books and taken to ships or temporary accommodation. We also assist them in applying for BSN and undergoing medical examinations. Through the shortened route, our Asian colleagues can take the seaman’s exam within 90 days. Progression to helmsman is usually possible in 3 to 4 years.
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