Study and work on land cruises (what means land cruises?)

There is a huge shortage of qualified people in the shipping industry. Since its inception Nautix is ambitious and is available as a partner to solve this problem for Inland shipping. To bring about a new generation of quality reliable professionals, we work closely with various parties and we chart tailor-made routes for each target group. Together with municipalities, UWV and Defence, Nautix has set up a work study program for land cruises. As a participant, you are entitled to your salary or benefits during the shortened shore navigation seafarer training course. The training fee is fully paid for you.(

Short practical training for seafarers on land cruises is the short track for anyone who wants to work as a seafarer on land cruises. If you choose this path, you will pass the practitioner’s statement with your practice exam. You must be at least 19 years of age to participate in shortened practical training. The training lasts 9 months and consists of 90 days of sailing time in the examination process, portfolio assessment and final practice exam. A good portfolio is a requirement for taking the practical exam. You build this portfolio at a recognized training company in the shipping industry where you worked during your training.


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